Trending on Twitter: Farming Pickup Lines with Pet References

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Young female sitting on tractor in rural landsape during fall wi

"If you were a chicken, you'd be impeccable."

Scooping up horse poo all day entitles you to a certain sense of humor. That's why farmers can get by with these pickup lines.

Whose fields are these farmers plowing?

Sometimes, chickens are the inspiration behind a farmer's pickup line.

Other times, it's tools.

Puns are also welcome around the farm.

No matter how corny they sound.

We can't forget the dating tips we get from cows.

Or the horses who always have our backs.

Homophones are always appropriate.

As is anything referencing John Deere.

Let's not forget how the fields inspire us.

Or millennial pop songs.

Was Joey from "Friends" a farm boy at heart?

Forget raising the roof. Together, you'll raise a building.

If you're a farmer, you understand these #FarmingPickupLines. If you're not, we hope you still got a good laugh--but these lines might not work on a city girl.

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