Tree Falls on Horse and California Firefighters Come to the Rescue

Posted by Mateja Lane
horse rescue
Images courtesy of North Tahoe Fire via YubaNet

California firefighters have had a long week.

With more than 30 fires still burning throughout California, firefighters state-wide have been deployed to help in the most hard-hit regions. One of those fires is near the Wind Complex in Loma Rica, California.

California fires
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10 fire engines from the Lake Tahoe Basin Operational area traveled down to Loma Rica to help during the outbreak. As they were fighting the flames and assessing structural damage, they could hear animals in distress. They investigated and found a barn filled with horses and cows on fire. 

California fires

The firefighters freed the animals and brought them hay and water but had to go back to fighting the fires at the source. When they returned the next morning, a local CHP officer alerted them to a tree that had fallen overnight.

A horse was stuck under the tree, trapped by a barbed wire electric fence.

horse trapped

Remarkably, the horse was unscathed save a few scratches and acting quite irritable. Even though the Tahoe firefighters had no experience with farm animals, they got to work freeing the horse. They cut the branches around the horse's legs with a hand saw; enough so the horse could turn around and free itself.

horse rescue

California fire fighters are working tirelessly as fires erupt around the state. The winds, weather, and dry conditions have been making this fire season one of the worst California has ever seen. Residents have had little time to evacuate and often have to leave their properties without taking anything with them.

Firemen are often tasked with feeding and watering animals like cows and horses when property owners aren't able to return to evacuated areas until it is safe.

"Both of our strike teams have been credited with saving homes, assisting with displaced residents, and extinguishing fires" says Michael Schwartz, North Tahoe Fire Chief and Operational area coordinator for the Lake Tahoe Region.

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Images courtesy of North Tahoe Fire via YubaNet

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