Travis County Inmates Are Being Tasked to Care for Kittens

Posted by Jason Sarna
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Inmates at the Travis County Correctional Complex in De Valle, Texas, are helping to care for and train kittens.

According to KXAN, the new foster program is an expansion of the Dogs 101 program, where inmates train adoptable dogs.

The new foster program, which will allow inmates to help care for and train kittens looking for a forever home, was approved last month and are making the latest headlines.

Lauralei Combs with the Austin Animal Center said:

"They learn things, like they can do a sit, they can do a high-five. These kittens, by the time they're ready for adoption, will also be trained on harnesses. They'll have leashes."

The program was created by a partnership between the Travis County Sheriff's Office and Austin Animal Services.

Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez said:

"It's changed [inmates'] lives. It's boosted their morale. They're getting to learn a trade and they're being educated on how to take care of kittens...It also gives them an opportunity to think about something besides themselves."

What do you think of this new foster program? Tell us in the comments!

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Travis County Inmates Are Being Tasked to Care for Kittens