Video Captures Dangers of Traveling with Horses

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you spend any time traveling with your horse, you need to see this eye-opening video about how quickly things can go wrong with trailers.

We all know that trailering horses is inherently dangerous, but by simply taking the time to make sure we're hitched up correctly, we can decrease some of that danger. Unfortunately, a simple mistake in hitching a trailer can result in disaster.

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Take a look at this footage and see just how quickly things can get out of control. Thankfully, there were no horse trailers (or horses) involved, but it's a stunning reminder of what disaster a simple error can cause.

Know before you tow: The danger of trailers and how to properly hitch them to your car.

Posted by Inside Edition on Thursday, July 27, 2017

When you're traveling with your horse, it is essential to check your truck and trailer every time you load up. If you're not familiar with how to properly hitch up your trailer, have a trusted, experienced horseperson show you--or better yet, head to a trailer manufacturer or mechanic for help. As the video above notes, your safety chains should always be crossed beneath the hitch so that, if the trailer pulls loose, the hitch will fall into the chains.

But don't just rely on your safety chains. Your breakaway brake/emergency brake needs to be charged and hooked up correctly, too. And the hitch itself should also be priority. Always make sure that you're using the correctly sized trailer ball for the hitch, and visually verify that the hitch locks onto the ball when hitching up.

Finally, never tow more than your truck can handle. As a safety rule, when you're hauling live weight, you should stay under 80% of your truck's towing capacity. Be sure that you account for the horse trailer weight, the weight of your horses, and the weight of all of the passengers and gear in both the trailer and the truck when making this calculation.

Safely hauling horses begins with us. We cannot remove all of the risk, but we can ensure that our rigs are road-ready and safe.

How frequently do you travel with your horses? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Video Captures Dangers of Traveling with Horses