Tracy's Dogs: Couple Visits Texas Shelters and Saves Dogs from Euthanasia

Posted by Mateja Lane
tracy's dogs

Angels exist, usually in the form of dog rescuers. 

Tracy's Dogs is a transport rescue that travels to high-kill shelters in southern Texas and removes the dogs on the euthanasia list, saving them from being disposed of. From there, the dogs are taken to Tracy's Dog's facility in San Antonio to be rehabilitated to go out for adoption.

Through sites like Pet Finder and help from PetSmart, adopters around the country can check out these rescue dogs online, go meet the traveling van, and give them a second chance by taking the home.

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Watch adopters meet their new dogs.

Tracy's Dogs rescues about 60 dogs at a time, which means that opens up 60 more spots for the shelters to fill, and those 60 more dogs go to loving homes around the country. PetSmart then supplies the space, usually in the parking lots of their stores from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Florida, for the Tracy's Dogs trailer to deliver the rescue dogs to their new families.

Tracy and her husband Scott started Tracy's dogs in 2011 when they started going on road trips to collect dogs on the kill list at many Texas shelters. Since they began, they have adopted out 3,700 dogs.

Here's a list of their adoptable dogs today. If you are considering saving a life, start with Tracy's Dogs and become an angel yourself.

Have you rescued a dog? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

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Tracy's Dogs: Couple Visits Texas Shelters and Saves Dogs from Euthanasia