Town Comes Together to Rescue Kitten Named Pipes from Storm Drain

Posted by Amber King
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When a kitten was in distress over Memorial Day weekend, an entire neighborhood came to help.

Stephanie Balkins and her two-year-old daughter were worried when a kitten they found on their property disappeared up a drain pipe. They waited for the tiny black and white cat to make its way out of the pipe, but after an hour, it was clear something was wrong. Balkins said in interview with News12;

"We didn't think anything of it, but we kept hearing crying and yelping. So we called the fire department an hour later."

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The next day, a team of rescuers showed up to their house to help the toddler and her mom coax the kitten out of the pipe.

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The rescue party included 10 firefighters, two animal control officers, several neighborhood residents, and representatives from the local water department. But despite their best efforts, they couldn't reach the helpless kitten.


After days went by without any sign of the missing feline, they had given up hope. But on the fourth day, Balkin's husband placed a bowl of tuna fish near the pipe's opening. Soon enough, tiny whiskers finally emerged from the dark depths of the storm drain.

Animal control was called, and within a half hour, the frightened cat was safely in the care of the Humane Society of West Chester. They named the kitten Pipes, and shelter staff is getting him ready for a life with a forever family.

Balkin expressed her gratitude to the Edgemont community that came together to help the animal in need. Five-week-old Pipes isn't ready for adoption yet, but he seems to be in good health despite his scary experience in the storm drain. The Balkins are looking forward to making him an official part of their family when he's old enough.

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Town Comes Together to Rescue Kitten Named Pipes from Storm Drain