Tough Week? Timo the Cat Can Help

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you've had a tough week, then don't fear - Timo the cat is here with some tips to help you through your week. 

While we wish that all of our days could be easy and enjoyable, that doesn't always happen. Sometimes we have to deal with a tough week here and there. Maybe things aren't going well at work or school, or maybe you've been feeling under the weather. Whatever the reason, it can be a challenge to get through a tough week.

And that's why Timo the cat is here to help. See, Timo has created this video with some insightful tips that help cats and humans alike get through a tough week. And while you may think that Timo is just a cat and his advice can't actually apply, think again. This is one intelligent cat, and his tips are wise and perfect for humans to remember, too.

Did you find some tips in the video above which might help you out the next time that you have a tough week? Truth is, there are countless lessons that we can learn from cats. Cats naturally lie back and tend to enjoy life much more than we do, especially when we're caught up in our busy lives or are distracted by technology.

They know the value of taking a nap and waking up refreshed, and they have no qualms about showing off how great they feel by racing around the house to celebrate.

What lessons have you learned from your cat? I've learned how nice it can be to hang out next to the window during a sunny day, and I've also learned that as important as sleep is, my sleep isn't as important as being fed on time is. Living with cats will definitely teach you a thing or two about life!

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Tough Week? Timo the Cat Can Help