Man Thinks He Loses Everything in Tornado, Including Beloved Dogs

Posted by Mateja Lane

 A tornado took everything he had, even his two dogs. Or so he thought. 

Ron Belcher lives in Prarie Lakes Estates in Marshfield, Wisconsin, where a tornado touched down last week. It destroyed his home, knocking him unconscious. When he awoke, his two dogs, Cocoa the Husky and Taz the Pomeranian, were nowhere to be found.

"These trailers, if you look around it just makes you want to cry. We lost everything we had," Belcher told WQOQ. "It came up all of a sudden and then it was so loud, and it got so dark. Your windows are already busted, and you see, like I said, the roof came off. And then things were just flying, refrigerators flying, it was just unbelievable."

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Belcher was taken to the hospital to be treated for broken bones, and a head injury. But his heart hurt the most for his lost dogs, especially the older one.

"I thought, that when I looked at the rubble and stuff I thought, oh you know. Because she's going to be fifteen, almost made me cry," said Belcher.

The nurses knew Belcher had lost his dogs, and nurse Ciara Rockow took it upon herself to try to track down the lost pets by calling shelters in the area. Eventually she found them at Chetek Animal Hospital, alive and well. The dogs were brought into Belcher's hospital room and it was a happy reunion for all.

Belcher had tears in his eyes as his dogs were brought around the hospital bed.

"They're alive, both of them. This is God's gift, that's what keeps me moving no matter how many bad things happen."

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Man Thinks He Loses Everything in Tornado, Including Beloved Dogs