Tortoise Slowly Escaping LA Fires Rescued on the Road

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Slow and steady won the fire escape race with a little help from the LA Animal Control.

A sulcata tortoise was found yesterday cruising--slowly--along a road in Los Angeles, evacuating as fast as he could from the Sand Fire in Santa Clarita that sparked on Friday.

The shelled companion was scooped up by LA's Anima Care and Control. He weighed in at 75 pounds.

Officials are looking for the owner of the non-native animal. The pet is currently in good hands at LA's Animal Care and Control Center.

 Justin Berrington via NBC Los Angeles

Justin Berrington via NBC Los Angeles

Sulcatas are burrowing animals. As such, it's not uncommon to find a neighborhood tortoise escapee making its way down the highway. But in this case, burrowing skills may have saved the tortoise's life from the raging flames.

Other animals were rescued from the 22,000 acres of wildfire including 228 horses, 52 goats, 29 chickens, seven rabbits, five cats and two dogs. The Sand fire has destroyed 18 homes and structures and many of the Los Angeles suburbs are being evacuated.

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