Is a Tortoise Faster Than a Remote Control Car?

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Can a tortoise keep up with a remote control car? Barely...

We know a tortoise isn't faster than a hare (at least according to Aesop), but just how fast are they? An owner of a Sulcate tortoise decided to put that to the test when he raced a remote control car around his pet.

While the tortoise doesn't quite keep up the pace the whole time, he does a good job catching up when the car readjusts.

Watch this little guy follow the car around in circles! Those are some impressive spins, Mr. Sulcata...

Whether the guy is annoyed or playing, we can't be sure. But his chase sure tells us a thing or two about a tortoise's perseverance.

Looks like he satisfies himself with a couple bites in the end, too!