10 Patriotic Chickens Giving the American Eagle a Run for Its Money

Posted by Daphne Cybele
Number one patriotic chicken
Photo via Southeast Missourian

The American eagle might get a little competition from these proud chickens when it comes to being America's top patriotic bird.

We've scoured the Internet for a flock of the ten most patriotic chickens to make your Fourth of July celebrations truly flag-filled and egg-cellent.

When you've seen them all, let us know your favorite and then check out how important the chicken really is to this nation, past and present, in the article "How the Chicken Built America."

1. This chicken doesn't just cross the road... he runs it. 

Mike Willis on Flickr

2. This proud bird flies the flag every Fourth of July.

via user pjnbill22 on BackyardChickens

3. So handsome in front of the red, white, and blue.

4. Perching with patriotic colors on a stylish porch.

Happy Memorial Weekend from Happy Days Farm! ??

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5. A proud porch patriot, this time with some shabby chic styling.

The Willow Farmhouse

6. Little Miss Hen picking out what to wear.

Via user 7littlegirls on BackYardChickens

7. Follow this chicken, dressed and ready for the patriot parade.

Image via 7LittleGirls on Backyard Chickens

8. So many flags and not a single thing to wear!

Photo via user Braclin on BackYardChickens

9. Tinsel and glitter and ribbons and bows, topped with just a little tiny bit of resigned side-eye.

patriotic chicken
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

10. The most patriotic-looking chicken of them all!

patriotic chicken
Southeast Missourian

Shhh, don't tell the eagle he might be facing some fierce feathered competition for America's top bird.

And for a show-stopping national tune, have you seen the patriotic chicken that can play "America The Beautiful" on the piano?

Do you have a favorite patriotic chicken? Let us know in the comments below! Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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10 Patriotic Chickens Giving the American Eagle a Run for Its Money