Top Show Chicken Breeds You Can Expect to See at a Chicken Show

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If you're curious about showing chickens, take a look at our list of top show chicken breeds.

Showing chickens is a traditional hobby that is growing in popularity.

Whether you are showing your birds or watching as a curious backyard chicken owner, there's nothing quite like a chicken show - all the finest and fanciest feathers are on display!

This list of top show chicken breeds will get you ready to tour your local poultry show, often held at state fairs, select the breed you want to someday show, or ignite an interest in chickens that you never knew you had.


The Campine chicken hails from Belgium. Although small in size, the Campine is an excellent layer and a show favorite. This breed is on the Livestock Conservancy list as a critically endangered breed.

Campine chicken
Photo: The Livestock Conservancy


The Serama chicken is from Malaysia. Seramas are small with a big personality and beautiful feather coloration.

Serama chicken
Screenshot: YouTube


The Polish chicken is from the Netherlands. Polish chickens have a floppy feather crest and are a favorite show chicken breed.

Polish chicken
Photo: Polish Breeders Club on Facebook

Old English Game

Old English Game chickens originate in Britain. These are excellent hens for brooding and raising chicks. Modern game hens are a similar show breed. Both breeds were historically part of cockfighting. The Old English Game is listed as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy. 

Old English Game chicken
Photo: Wikipedia

Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red is a versatile, hardy American breed with excellent egg production and fiery feathers (and sometimes it has a personality to match). It can be aggressive to other breeds.

Rhode Island Red
Photo: Wikipedia


A British bantam breed with a beautiful laced feather pattern that is popular at shows. The Sebright chicken is listed as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy. 

Sebright chicken
Photo: Sebright Club of America Facebook page


Native to Cuba, this friendly chicken has no spurs and is excellent at foraging. This is a good chicken for hot climates. The Cubalaya chicken is listed as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy.

Cubalaya chicken
Photo: Wikipedia


Native to France, Faverolles are a dual-purpose breed, full of character and an excellent show bird. They are also on the Livestock Conservancy list as a threatened heritage breed. 

Photo: Omlet


The Cochin breed is native to the Shanghai province of China. Popular since 1840, Cochins are large, have fancy feathered feet, and are a show favorite. They are listed as a recovering breed by the Livestock Conservancy. 

Photo: Cochins International


There is some controversy on the origin of the Brahma chicken. They are native to the United States but bred from stock imported from Shanghai and Bangladesh, according to the Livestock Conservancy. Best in cold climates, they are unusually large, fluffy birds. They are listed as a recovering breed with the Livestock Conservancy.

Brahma chicken
Photo: Wikipedia


One of the oldest American breeds originating in Asia and Europe. Dominques are easygoing with an attractive barred feather pattern. They are also great egg layers. This heritage breed is on the watch list for the Livestock Conservancy.

Dominque chicken
Photo: Dominique Club of America


Another old American heritage breed, heavy in size (a great dual-purpose breed) and even in temperament, this breed takes time to mature to full size. Its black feathers have an attractive beetle-green sheen. A white and black mottled variety is also available. This beautiful bird is allso on the Livestock Conservancy watch list. 

java chicken
Photo: Java Breeders of America


Beautiful fluffy layers developed in the UK. Friendly, productive, and fairly quiet, the Orpington is a good show breed as well. You are probably familiar with the golden Buff Orpington. This breed also comes in blue, black, lavender, and white.

Orpington chicken
Photo: Wikimedia

Dutch Bantam

Shown more in Europe and other countries, but developing an American following, the Dutch Bantam is a beautiful and friendly bird - also a good layer. Dutch bantams are small in size and make excellent pets as well as show birds.

Dutch Bantam
Photo: Dutch Bantam Club


The Chinese Langshan is a large chicken. This breed has feathered feet and a calm manner. The Langshan is on watch status on the Livestock Conservancy list. 

Chinese Langshan chicken

Silver Phoenix

Native to Japan and a popular American show bird with an exceptionally long flashy tail. This small and ornamental bird, has many distinctive features and is on the watch list of the Livestock Conservancy.

Silver Phoenix
Photo: Livestock Conservancy

Want more top chicken show breeds to consider? Additional breeds you may want to show are the Plymouth Rock, the Wyandotte, the Sussex, the Barnevelder, Silkies, the Araucana, and the Japanese Bantam. Head to the American Poultry Association to learn more on these beautiful breeds.

Haven't had your fill of show chickens? Check out the documentary "Chicken People" to satisfy more of your chicken needs.

Which is your favorite show chicken breed? Let us know in the comments below!

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Top Show Chicken Breeds You Can Expect to See at a Chicken Show