Top 4 Chicken Tips of 2017

Posted by Mateja Lane
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2017 saw a blossoming of backyard chicken owners. 

So that meant that a lot of beginners needed some help starting out. We published some great tips on what kinds of chicken breeds you should consider for your coop, and how to keep your chickies safe from predators.

In our Top 12 Posts of 2017 series, here are our top four chicken tips of the year.

4. How to Keep Snakes out of Your Coop

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Our readers were happy to learn the different techniques to keep sneaky snakes from stealing eggs in the chicken coop. A common misconception is to use golf balls to trick the snakes, but this is not a good, nor humane, tactic.

Learn some better ways to keep snakes at bay here.

3. Heritage Chicken Breeds

heritage chickens
Image from the Illustrated Book of Poultry, via

This was a good post to help new backyard chicken owners choose what kinds of chickens to keep. Heritage breeds are special and uncommon, but are worth seeking out to save their geneology.

Learn about these rare chickens and how you can add them to your own coop here.

2. Chickens as Tick Control

Daphne Cybele

This was exciting for chicken owners to know- their animals keep their property free of nasty ticks!

Read this advice on how chickens make for effective tick control here.

1. Chickens That Lay Blue Eggs

blue eggs
Blogspot/From Home Wealth

This was another good post for new chicken owners to find out which breed they had to search for to get pretty blue eggs.

Learn about these chicken breeds here.

And there you have it: the Top 4 Chicken Tips of 2017. We helped a lot of bourgeoning chicken owners get started in the adventure that is chicken keeping.

Stay tuned for the final installments of our top posts of the year and Happy Holidays!

Do you keep chickens? Did any of these tips help you over the year? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Top 4 Chicken Tips of 2017