Top 3 Naughtiest Ponies of 2017

Posted by Mateja Lane
Horse evading the bit
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Ponies got themselves in some trouble over the year. 

It's been a year full of naughtiness for animals on Wide Open Pets, which doesn't bode well for Christmas. But we readers get a good laugh with defiant animals.

In close to our final installment of the the Top 12 Stories of 2017 we bring you the three naughtiest ponies of the year.

3. Bratty Pony

Photo by Kirbi Kozek via Facebook

This pony escaped the stable, chased some early-morning joggers, proceeded to nip their ankles, and evade authorities. All before 7 a.m.

Meet Motley and read about his naughty adventure here.

2. Pony Plays Dead

ponyPinto the pony likes to sleep on his back, but dupes passerby into thinking he's dead...

See the commotion this naughty pony causes here.

1. Naughty Feral Ponies


This hiker found out the hard way not to get too close to wild ponies...

See what a naughty pony did to this unsuspecting hiker on the Appalachian trail here.


Ponies can be quite the headache sometimes... but you usually end up forgiving them. These three naughty pony stories had us laughing and nodding our heads in agreement. Lots of horse owners have their own stories of naughty ponies. It's universal.

Stay tuned for our final countdown of the best 2017 articles published on Wide Open Pets!

Do you have your own naughty pony story you want to add to the list? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Top 3 Naughtiest Ponies of 2017