Top 3 Funny Dogstagram Accounts You Need to Be Following on Insta

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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If you're not following these dog accounts on Instagram, do you even love dogs?

You say you love dogs but your Instafeed is only 50 percent bow-wow memes and pictures of pooches you don't know and will probably never meet. Stop what you're doing. Rectify this situation. Make it 99 percent.

Become the ultimate dog person by following these dogstagrams.

1. Bark

It me. @chewbaccapup

A post shared by Bark (@bark) on

Previously known as Bark Post, Bark also has a separate account called BarkBox featuring pups enjoying the dog-themed monthly box subscription by the New York-based company. The captions and hashtags for the photos are always a must-read.

We'd also like to thank Bark for their frequent use of dogs accurately referred to as dinguses and their insanely on point dog bios. We enjoyed the dog mom and dad anthems and also get a little teary-eyed with some of their heartwarming rescue stories. We can definitely relate to the #literallythatsyou posts, too.

I know it's on its way but like WHERE #literallythatsyou @little_ms_bitsy_jade

A post shared by Bark (@bark) on

But mostly, we're just laughing so hard we cry at their hilarious re-posts and original content.

2. Dogs Being Basic

But for serious. Check out @drsmashlove for angelic doggos.

A post shared by DogsBeingBasic™ (@dogsbeingbasic) on

We never tire of DBB's sitcom or movie references, which we also find super relatable.

You're welcome betch.

A post shared by DogsBeingBasic™ (@dogsbeingbasic) on

Come on now, we've all been that person... from both standpoints.

DBB also has another account called Basic Dogs Partying (@dogpartying) and we're forever grateful for its canine content.

3. Doggos Doing Things

Doggo doin a self reflect (I must be a good boy, they wouldn't lie to me)

A post shared by John Trulli (@doggosdoingthings) on

This account's captions are a must-read. Sometimes you know what it's going to say, sometimes you don't. And oh the canine vocabulary!

Mommo doggo shows off her crop (follow @drsmashlove for nice things)

A post shared by John Trulli (@doggosdoingthings) on

DDT has some original anthropomorphizing of dogs acting like humans, or just doing their weird dog thing.


Don't forget to follow Wide Open Pets on Instagram (@wopets) for some of our own fluffball shout outs. We've also got some Instagram suggestions for exotic pet lovers, because the Internet should be 99 percent animals.

What other doggo Instagram accounts do you follow? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!

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Top 3 Funny Dogstagram Accounts You Need to Be Following on Insta