Top 2 Pet Shaming Articles of 2017

Posted by Mateja Lane
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Out of control...

Pets were not on their best behavior this year... and pet owners everywhere were not afraid to call their animals out. Shaming can be seen as a cruel practice, except when pets are as naughty as these guys were this year.

Here were the top two pet shaming posts of 2017 published on Wide Open Pets.

2. Bad Horses

horse shaming

People everywhere liked seeing how horses could really anger their owners. Alternatively, horse owners saw why these horses were in trouble and laughed because their horses have definitely done those same things.

See how these horse owner shamed their equines here.

1. Chicken Problems

chicken shaming

This is our number one post really across the board, because it really is absurd. Everyone loved seeing how chickens can be super naughty.

See how these backyard chickens terrorize their humans here.


Shaming our animals is normally frowned upon. But the reason our readers love our shaming articles are because they are animals that people may not know to be naughty. Plus, these owners love their animals and aren't trying to punish them; they are really just trying to create a community with fellow pet owners. Do you have a naughty chicken? Then you are apparently not alone...

Stay tuned for our top story published on Wide Open Pets in 2017!

Have you ever shamed your pets? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Top 2 Pet Shaming Articles of 2017