Top 11 Goat Videos of 2017

Posted by Mateja Lane
Jumping Goat

Goats still rule the Internet, in case you were wondering. 

Everyone loves a good goat video.

2017 had some good goat videos, and Wide Open Pets got some good laughs with these funny guys. In the second installment of the 12 Days of Top Stories, we decided to compile the top 11 goat videos.

A lot of things happened, tragic and dramatic, in our world this year, but luckily we got to watch goat videos to make us feel better.

Here are the top 11 goat videos that Wide Open Pets published in 2017. Enjoy.

11. King of the Hill


Goats can have fun on just about anything, but when this bunch found a flexible metal ribbon they couldn't help but play the age-old game of King of the Hill.

Watch these rambunctious goats here.

10. Goats in Jumpers


Some of our favorite goats here at Wide Open Pets belong to Sunflower Creamery. This Northeastern farm is famous for posting the cutest goat videos on the Internet.

Check these one-day-old goaties jump around in their knit sweaters here.

9. Knuckleheads Stuck in a Bucket

goats in bucket

These two goofballs managed to get their heads stuck in the same bucket. They must have seen the same scrap of food at the bottom...

Watch these guys walk around like some sort of eight-legged mythical creature here.

8. Goat Crossfit

goat crossfit

When this video crossed our desk, we knew it was going to be a winner. In a hilarious video filmed in her backyard, Danelle from Weed Em & Reap shows us how to work out with the help of her goat.

See why goat crossfit may become the newest workout trend here.

7. Goat Loves the Exercise Ball

goat on exercise ball

Goats like to get on top of things, that has been well established. They seem to love the challenge on hopping on things that aren't quite stable and that is why this video was so hilarious.

Watch a little goat wrestle with an exercise ball here.

6. Goatie Tail Wags

baby goat

There are not many things on this earth cuter than a baby goat. When this newborn baby goat stands for the first time, her tail cannot stop wagging.

See the adorableness here.

5. Lots of Baby Goat Videos

baby goat

Lucky for you, our #5 best goat post of 2017 was actually a list of baby goat videos. You're welcome!

Watch this bonus list of 13 goat videos here.


4. Chicken Babysitter Takes Care of Goats

chicken and goat

Watch mama Helga the hen try to corral four unruly baby goats. Herding goats is quite the task!

Watch the cute video here.

3. Baby Elephant Scared of Baby Goat

baby elephant

Goats are super cute but they can also be scary! Well, at least for this baby elephant.

Watch him run to his mama because a goat is chasing him here.

2. Lots of Fainting Goats

fainting goat
Thing Link

Woohoo! Another list of videos made our top 12. This list of 10 fainting goat videos is sure to have you in stitches. Don't worry, no goaties were harmed in these videos. It's just their survival instinct to fall over!

Watch these funny videos here.

1. Goat Man Report

news anchors

Our number one goat story on Wide Open Pets doesn't really have to do with actual goats... but it's hilarious and you really just need to watch it to see why.

Watch these news anchors try to report on a man living as a goat here.

2017 was a fun year if you think about it in terms of goat videos. Stay tuned for our top 10 posts of Top Stories of 2017 next week!

What was your favorite goat video? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Top 11 Goat Videos of 2017