Top 10 Best Selling Products from Cherrybrook Premium Pet Supplies

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Cherrybrook products

Your dog is pampered. 

There are no two ways of saying it. Your dog receives the best from the shampoo you use to the treats you give him. He doesn't settle for less than the best anyways.

Cherrybrook Premium Pet Supplies specializes in providing show dog products, so you know they are the best. Offering dog owners the best quality brands, their products include fun apparel for dog lovers, gifts, and grooming products for your furry companion.

Even if your dog doesn't compete in Westminster, they should look like they are as they prance around the living room. Here are the top 10 best selling products from the supplier.

1. Chris Christensen White on White 16oz

Chris Christensen White on White 16oz

This shampoo actually gets the yellow tinge out of your dog's fur! It can be used on all coat colors but is perfect for getting out that yellow around your dog's mouth from the slobber using an optic intensifying treatment within the shampoo.

Without using any bleaching agents, harsh chemicals, or softening agents it simply neutralizes stains. The 16 oz. is $15.00 and it's made in the USA.

2. and 3. Chris Christensen Original Series Oval Brushes

Chris Christensen Original Series Oval Brush

These pin brushes are what Fido needs to keep that coat looking silky smooth. The brushes are durable but lightweight, made out of beechwood. They come with 20 mm pins, 27 mm, and 34 mm.

The 27 mm quality brush is the best seller at $24.00 with the 20 mm is a close second costing $22.00

4. THE Stuff for Dogs

THE Stuff for Dogs

This conditioning set exposes the natural beauty of the coat and removes even the toughest tangles! Its ph balanced and helps prevent urine stains in your dog's fur. Choose between a 4 oz. concentrate, 12 oz. concentrate, and the 16 oz ready-to-use spray.

The 16 oz spray that even "makes the loser look exquisite" costs $10.99

5. Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Spray with Sunscreen

Ice on Ice spray

This leave-in conditioner, complete with sunscreen, will protect the coat and the skin from the elements. It's a finishing spray and a detangler and is great for your dog's short or long coat.

Get the ready-to-use spray for $15.00 which is the best seller! 

6. Chris Christensen Just Divine Brushing Spray

Just Divine Brushing Spray

This brushing spray is also a best seller with dog handlers due to the ease of use as a light detangler.

The ready-to-use spray will run you $12.00

7. Chris Christensen Finishing Buttercombs


These fine-toothed combs are the best you can buy. They are handcrafted to move through your dog's coat like butter, untangling all the knots without snagging or breaking the hairs.

The most popular comb is half super fine and half coarse for multi use. Get this comb for $32.00

8. Mascoti Bully Stick 6" Regular

bully stick

These bully sticks are made from grass-fed beef from the Dominican Republic without the chemical process of most bully sticks. These ones are cooked in slow-burning artisanal ovens and are somehow odor-free! Fancy!

Get your four-legged loved one a 16-inch savory bully stick for $6.49.

9. Chris Christensen Mark II Slicker - Red

dog brush

The brush to end all brushes...really, this might be the last dog brush you ever need. This slicker brush has a curved shape that pretty much does the work for you, making you and your dog a lot happier when it comes to bath time!

This brush costs $36.00 but worth every penny; plus it's red.

10. Chris Christensen Mark Slicker Brushes

dog brushes

Really all the Chris Christensen brushes are best sellers. They are beautifully-made and really get the job done. These differently-shaped brushes run from $25.00 to $32.00.

Cherrybrook only carries the best brands so you can be assured that you are buying quality products, usually made in the US, for your dog.

For the month of October, Cherrybrook is also offering 25% off their breed embroidery line. You can get personalized gifts for your dog or for your human friends from tote bags to bandanas to fleece apparel to hats, and more.

Wide Open Pets readers can get 20% off orders with this code~ EMBRY20

Expires 10/31 so get shopping! It's never too early to start planning for Christmas...

Will you be buying anything? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Top 10 Best Selling Products from Cherrybrook Premium Pet Supplies