Toothless, Blind Cat Rescued from McDonald's Parking Lot by Local Residents

Posted by Christy Caplan
Blind Cat
Photo credit:Melyssah DeVrye

This is not a feral cat. This cat was eating old French fries and this wonderful community rallied together to trap him and get him to a vet. Have you ever seen a stray cat wandering around that you assume is either someone's cat or a stray that needs a forever family? Cats that are lost where I live don't last very long as we have a lot of predators around!

In Ontario, a few animal lovers saw this cat at a McDonald's parking lot and were determined to trap it so they could save it.

According to a report by Bradford Today, the two women were leaving the parking lot one evening and had a plan!

"He was absolutely terrified, but didn't seem feral," one of the women said of the cat's demeanour.

The pair, who have worked in animal rescue before and both own service dogs, happened to have a fresh bag of dehydrated chicken dog treats in their car and used them in an attempt to capture the cat

"We left an entire bag of dehydrated chicken pieces on a grassy island for him."

Animal Control told the ladies that unless the cat was secured they couldn't come out! After three hours the cat finally made an appearance and thanks to some fast thinking these women got their trap out and lured that cat with food.

They named the cat 'Donnie' since they found him at McDonald's. The vet told them the cat is blind in one eye with no teeth. They will be looking for a rescue that has room after Donnie recovers from his infection.

If this story sounds interesting, we found a Facebook page for the community that saved him. Let's find this toothless, blind cat a place to call home!

Do you know a missing cat? Leave a comment below with your story. 

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Toothless, Blind Cat Rescued from McDonald's Parking Lot by Local Residents