Terrified, Homeless German Shepherd Rescued by Hope for Paws

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L.A.-based animal rescue organization Hope for Paws received a call about a homeless German Shepherd living outside a medical clinic.

The clinic staff confirmed that the dog did not belong to any of the patients, and had been living there for quite some time. 

When Hope for Paws arrived on scene, they quickly realized this rescue was going to be tricky. The dog was very skittish and could not be tempted by food.

The clinic security guards took notice of the rescue effort underway and jumped right in to help. One of the guards helped coax the frightened dog into the clinic parking lot and the others closed the gates.

Once the dog was trapped in the parking lot, Hope for Paws rescuers were able to capture him using a catch pole and a trap. Tired and hot, the dog was desperately in need of water, rest, and medical attention.

Once the dog, whom rescuers named Mozart, was secured in a cage, he was rushed to a veterinary clinic. There, he underwent evaluation and began receiving much-needed veterinary care.

Watch Mozart's rescue story here:

Thanks to a team effort, Mozart is off the streets. He is now a happy, healthy boy awaiting his forever home.

If you're in the southern California area and interested in adopting Mozart, click here.

You can read more about Hope for Paws and its lifesaving work on behalf of stray animals in Los Angeles here.

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Terrified, Homeless German Shepherd Rescued by Hope for Paws