Tom Hardy Explains to Vanity Fair Why He Thinks Dogs Are the Best

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Tom Hardy holding dogs
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British actor Tom Hardy might just be a bigger fan of dogs than you are. 

British actor Tom Hardy's love for dogs is well known. No matter where he is -- even at the September 2015 premiere of "Legend" -- he always seems to have a dog close by. In fact, there is an entire Instagram page dedicated to pictures of him holding dogs.

They’re both wearing blue and it’s too cute 😍 #tomhardyholdingdogs #tomhardy

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In a recent Vanity Fair interview, he explained why he is constantly surrounding himself with dogs, and his reason is beautiful:

"They're just so clean and straightforward, and they wear their heart on their chest. You know what you're getting with a dog. I love that. Unfettered companionship and loyalty in the most boring of manners. The life and the soul is right next to you, keeping the heart ticking over in the room. You know when a dog's around, there's good times. . . It's like, why would it choose to be around us? What the hell does it see in us? We don't deserve them! What does it see in us that it's so like, 'Well, I wanna be with you, you're awesome?' I'm not that awesome. You're awesome."

Max 😇

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This poetic explanation is not the only time he has spoken out about his love for dogs. In a 2015 interview with The Daily Beast, he essentially called them his favorite animal.

"I love dogs," he said. "They're always going to be around, doggies. They're special creatures. I love all animals, but I think dogs are just fantastic."

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That same year in Vanity Fair, he credited dogs with inspiring his acting performances.

"I do think there's a lot about a dog that we can learn from. And I do put the dog into a lot of my characters because a dog, if you watch them, they're so funny to watch. They speak with their eyes and their body, and I find that fascinating to observe."


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He went on to say that they do more than inspire him -- they also keep him humble.

"[A]nother thing about the dog is you can never fool the dog into thinking that you're somebody else, so they're great bullshit monitors--especially for actors. So if you think you can transform, just try and pull off your transformation in front of your dog and I guarantee he'll see right through your greatest transformation, which is quite humbling."

So it's settled then. No matter how much you love dogs, Tom Hardy definitely loves them more.

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Tom Hardy Explains to Vanity Fair Why He Thinks Dogs Are the Best