Tom Caniglia Wants to Compete at the Olympics at 67 Years Old

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Tom Caniglia

Equestrian Tom Caniglia has set his sights on competing at the Olympics. The catch? He'll be 67 years old. 

Equestrians tend to dream big. Whether it's owning a horse of our own, learning to conquer a four-foot fence with confidence, or becoming a top trainer, we tend to really let ourselves dream. Perhaps it's because we're so hard-working; we know that, if work can make a dream come true, then we're up for the task. Rider Tom Caniglia is no exception.

Tom Caniglia competed in eventing for years, but took time away from the sport. Now, he's hoping to make a comeback, and an incredible one, at that. You see, Caniglia has set his sights on competing at the 2020 Olympics. He'll be 67 at that time.

Take a look at this inspiring video which chronicles the onset of his journey.

An Olympic dream is challenge enough. There's financing, finding the right horses to get you there, and just having the sheer talent and luck to qualify. But to do it when returning to the sport later in life adds its own challenges, especially when you're balancing a family and a job as well. One thing's for sure - if Caniglia wants to see his dream come true, he's going to be putting in tons and tons of work to get there.

Do you have a riding dream that you've put off because you think it's too far-fetched or just too hard to achieve? Take a bit of inspiration from Caniglia. After all, he's up against incredible odds, but he won't let that stop him. So, make a plan. Start working toward that goal. Make your dream come true, but also have fun as you're getting there.

After all, as Caniglia says, "It's never too late to be great."

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