Toast Meets World's Owners Are Splitting Up - But Who Will Maintain Custody?

Posted by Tori Holmes
Collage of Toast Meets World and her owners

Josh Ostrovsky, also know as "The Fat Jew" is separating from his wife Katie Sturino, but one important question still stands: who will gain custody of their dogs?

In addition to their personal online presence, the couple, which married in 2014, shares custody of three dogs: Toast, Muppet, and Underpants. Sturino and Ostrovsky rescued Toast and Muppet, who are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and Pants, a Japanese Chin, from puppy mills.

They're weird, but I love them. Merry Christmas!! #family @muppetsrevenge @underpantsthedog

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The dogs have their own Instagram account, with an impressive 371k followers who enjoy staying up to date with their adorable antics.

If you need me this weekend...❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ @ritzcarltonboston #rcmemories

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"The Fat Jew," whose real name is Josh Ostrovsky, insists that his split with Katie Sturino is mutual and will stay amicable.

It has been reported that Sturino will maintain custody of the pups, but that Ostrovsky has visitation rights for the dogs. He told Page Six;

"I have visitation rights for the dogs, and we intend to be friends, which sounds impossible and progressive and European, but we'll give it a shot!"

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