Tips to Help You and Your Horse Compete in a Halloween Costume Class

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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If you'll be riding in a Halloween costume class with your horse, then be sure to check out these handy tips.

October means fall, Halloween, and Halloween horse shows. If you've signed your horse up for a Halloween costume class, then you'll need to come up with a great costume.

These tips can help ensure that your class goes smoothly and when you dress up, you and your horse look great.

Start Early

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Start planning your horse's costume as early as possible. Get creative, and try to do something different. Be sure that you can incorporate your own costume into the mix, too.

Keep Safety in Mind

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From dying your horse to adding glitter to his hooves, dressing your horse up prompts you to do some things that you wouldn't normally do with your horse. As you design your costume, make sure that it is safe for your horse.

Incorporating release straps that allow you to quickly remove the costume if your horse panics is a good idea. Be sure to make sure that you're using products, like hairspray, which are safe for your horse.

And don't forget to incorporate your helmet into your own costume if you will be riding your horse in the Halloween costume contest.

Introduce Your Costume Gradually

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Take the time to gradually introduce your costume to your horse. Have your horse wear the costume and practice walking him around the ring also wearing your rider costume.

Costumes can feel strange to your horse, so spend lots of time getting him used to wearing his costume before the day of the costume class arrives.

Enlist Help

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Even if you're confident that your horse will take the costume class in stride, it's always a good idea to enlist a friend to help you. Your friend can not only help with getting your horse in costume, but he or she can be on hand to help lead or handle your horse in case he does get excited by seeing the other horses in costume.

Fellow horse lovers can see some Halloween horse costume ideas here! From Harry Potter characters to My Little Pony to the Headless Horseman or the Cowardly Lion, there are some great horse costumes and rider costume ideas out there! Some other horse Halloween costumes include a rocking horse, Little Bo Peep, a knight and his trusty steed, and a skeleton horse.

Have a great time in your Halloween costume class. Take lots of pictures and have fun! Happy Halloween!

Tell us your best costume ideas and show us your horse photos in the comments below!

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Tips to Help You and Your Horse Compete in a Halloween Costume Class