4 Tips for Choosing a Safe Pet Halloween Costume

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Safe Pet Halloween Costumes
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When it comes to Halloween, choosing a costume for your pet is as important (if not more) than selecting one for yourself. However, safety should always come before style.

With more and more pet owners opting to dress their four-legged friends for the holiday, the number of costume options continues to grow. However, not all costumes are designed with the safety of your pet in mind.

If you choose to dress up your pet for the festivities this year, make sure that you follow these tips to keep your pet safe:

1. Watch Your Pet's Body Language

Safe Pet Halloween Costumes
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Before Halloween, it's a good idea to take your pet's costume for a test run and see how they react to it before the big day. During this dry run, keep a close eye on your pet's body language.

If they seem stressed or anxious at all while wearing the costume or simply don't seem to like wearing it, take it off. If your pet won't wear the costume, something simple like a bandana or bowtie make great alternatives. When it comes to Halloween costumes for pets, less is really more!

2. Don't Limit Mobility

Safe Pet Halloween Costumes

Mobility is something else that should be kept in mind when choosing a pet Halloween costume. It's important to choose a costume that is the correct size of your pet so that their mobility is not limited.

While wearing the costume, at no point should your pet's ability to sit, walk, or lay down comfortably be inhibited. If they are, the costume is too tight and should be removed. It also goes without saying that any costume you choose should never obstruct your pets breathing or ability to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom.

3. Beware of Choking Hazards

Safe Pet Halloween Costumes

Whether or not your pet has a tendency to chew on objects, costumes with potential choking hazards should be avoided. When choosing a costume, make sure that there aren't any loose or small pieces that your pet could potentially chew on or eat. Glow sticks are especially dangerous due to the chemicals inside.

As we said earlier, less is more with pet costumes - a simple costume without unnecessary frills or small pieces is best.

4. Be Highly Visible

Safe Pet Halloween Costumes
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As most festivities happen after dusk, it's critical that pet Halloween costumes should always be highly visible. That means choosing one that is a bright color with reflective materials so your pet is visible to people and traffic.

This is especially important if your pet will be outside, as the increased pedestrian and road traffic can be highly dangerous if your pet gets loose. Make sure they have an ID tag too just in case they get out of the yard! (Especially cats!)

Curious pets might get into the Halloween candy too. For more pet safety tips for the big night, check out our article: Halloween Night: How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Stress-Free

By following these tips when choosing a pet Halloween costume, you will ensure that this spooky holiday is all treats and no tricks for both you and your furry friend!

If you do dress up your pet in costume this Halloween, share a picture in the Facebook comments. We'd love to see it!

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4 Tips for Choosing a Safe Pet Halloween Costume