TinyKittens Rescue Looks After Feral Cat Colonies in Canada

Posted by Stacey Venzel

TinyKittens' livestreaming TV is helping reduce cat overpopulation in Canada.

Called "community cats," feral and stray felines in British Columbia, Canada have guardian angels in the form of the organization TinyKittens.

This organization says the only way cat overpopulation can be controlled is to address two issues. The group sees the "immediate crisis" as excessive cat reproduction but the root cause of too many felines as humans not caring enough for these furry creatures.

Trap-neuter-release (TNR) programs were the seedling projects of TinyKittens. Throughout the process, TinyKittens built a database with names, photos, and bios of every "community cat." Soon, adult feral cats began landing in homes.


Now, pregnant ferals are even being fostered. Once the kittens are born, the mother is spayed and the babies are fixed when they reach an appropriate age. Post-surgery, the ferals are allowed to recover in a cage-free environment where their healing can be monitored and medications administered before they are released back into the streets.

Over 200 cats live in the Canadian colony looked after by TinyKittens. However, the group expects 80,000 kittens to be born in Fort Langley, British Columbia this year alone. TinyKittens has set up a map for locals to pinpoint where feral mothers are anticipated to give birth based on where the females live. The organization can then effectively execute its TNR program in the areas on the map.

TinyKittens follows a somewhat unconventional method for their rescue program because the organization believes every life matters. Live broadcasts are being integrated into classrooms to educate children and adults on animal welfare, responsibilities, and the birthing process while offering transparency in the non-profit setting.

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TinyKittens Rescue Looks After Feral Cat Colonies in Canada