Tiny Stray Kitten Chooses Big Yellow Lab as Her First Best Friend

Posted by Amber King
yellow lab cuddling kitten

When this scared kitten needed a friend, she knew just who to turn to.

Just a few days old, the only life Ava knew was a hard one. She was found abandoned in a London garden with no mother cat in sight. She was hungry and obviously nervous about being on her own, but her kind rescuers knew exactly what to do.

They brought the tiny kitten to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (BDCH) where she'd have the best chance at a better life.

With a mission to never turn away a dog or cat in need, BDCH gladly took Ava into their care. They set her up with a healthy meal and a visit to the veterinarian. But a full belly and clean bill of health wasn't all she needed. Scared and all alone, Ava's rescuers thought she could use a friend.

They introduced her to a yellow Labrador named Barney, and the two instantly hit it off.

Barney was taken in by a BDCH staff member three years ago and was already known for being a compassionate canine. He calmly met Ava and let the newborn sidle up close to his fur. Ava climbed over his paws and batted his nose before curling up comfortably with the big dog. Barney sniffed his new friend and seemed happy to welcome the tiny cuddle buddy into his life.

While Barney and Ava are destined for separate homes, their friendship is inspiring others to be kind.

Visit BCDH's website to learn more about how you can show kindness to a dog or cat in need.

What do you think of Barney and Ava's friendship? Let us know in the comments.

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Tiny Stray Kitten Chooses Big Yellow Lab as Her First Best Friend