This Tiny Special-Needs Pit Bull Puppy Is Thriving Thanks to Her Foster Mom

Posted by Krissy Howard
SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast via The Dodo

A tiny pit bull puppy born with a cleft palate has already overcome so much thanks to the foster mom who believed in her from the start. 

When little Sasha the puppy was born back in September, things were rough from the start. Born with a cleft palate that prevented her from nursing from her mother, Sasha's life depended on the kindness of rescuers, and fortunately, her former caretaker reached out right away, placing the pup in the care of SNARR Northeast, a New York-based non-profit rescue.

Although things are looking up for Sasha, it hasn't been an easy journey. In addition to her cleft palate, Sasha also has hydrocephalus, a build-up of fluid in her skull which has prevented the growth of her brain (Sasha's brain is about 1/3 as large as it should be). She was also hit with an upper respiratory infection, a urinary tract infection, and some orthopedic issues, but her foster mom is on board 100 percent, and Sasha is fighting with all her might as well.

"She has an amazing will and determination," DeMarco said. "Through all this, she really shouldn't be here."

Now three months old, Sasha is still very small for her age and breed, weighing less than two pounds. She stays dressed in sweaters to stay warm, socializes with DeMarco's house kitties, and is rarely away from her foster mom's side.

"I scoop her up and hold her," DeMarco said. "When I hold her and I'm kissing her, if I hold her near my face, she licks my nose."

FURRR 911 via The Dodo

While it's still unclear what the future holds for Sasha, it is absolutely certain that she is given so much love right now, and is being shown the care and compassion every animal deserves.

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This Tiny Special-Needs Pit Bull Puppy Is Thriving Thanks to Her Foster Mom