Tiny Miniature Horse Is Destined for a Big Future

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Though she may be small, this miniature horse certainly has a big - and rewarding - future in front of her.

They say the best things come in small packages, and in the case of this adorable miniature horse, that just may be true. While the mare is too small to be ridden, that doesn't mean that she'll be just a pet.

A miniature horse can actually participate in many activities. They can be shown in hand, trained to pull a cart, and can even serve as companions for larger horses. But this particular horse's path will be a little bit different.

Itty Bitty Hope is aptly named - at her birth, she tied the record for the smallest horse born according to height and weight. Hope, a miniature horse, is particularly small for her breed. She's adorable and friendly, and handled daily to ensure that she stays comfortable with people.

Hope's owners plan to make her a part of Mini Hooves of Love, a miniature horse therapy program. Check out the video and see just how tiny Hope really is.

Equine therapy continues to grow as a widely respected and valued therapy. Therapeutic riding is one of the most popular equine therapy programs. In therapeutic riding, the horse's movement can actually help people with physical disabilities, while the act of working and forming a relationship with a horse can help people with mental or developmental disabilities.

The problem is, not everyone can access a stable to take advantage of therapeutic riding. That's where mobile equine therapy programs, like Mini Hooves of Love, come in. Miniature horses can go where traditionally sized horses can't, meaning that they can access hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and other areas where people can benefit from the therapy.

Mini horses can also be less overwhelming to people than their larger counterparts are, which can help people to relax and become more comfortable during the therapy.

Hope may be small, but she's bound to help countless people in her future.

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Tiny Miniature Horse Is Destined for a Big Future