How Tinder Helped One Woman Locate Her Missing Cat

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When her beloved cat went missing, one woman took to the dating app Tinder to get the word out, and it worked! 

Missing pet posters can still work wonders, but many are taking to social media to find their four-legged pals. While Craigslist and Facebook groups may be the typical go-to spots for lost and found animals, one UK woman took to Tinder to find her cat, Peanut.

According to a report by The Dodo, Northhampton, England resident, Katie Alsop created an account on the dating app for the sole purpose of finding Peanut, who had escaped from her home days earlier.

"I started thinking of ways I could ask people to look for him other than Facebook and posters," Alsop told the outlet. "Then had a brainwave and downloaded Tinder."

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While Alsop did use her real name and age, she input Peanut's information in the photo and bio sections of the new account. In no time at all, Alsop had found herself with 400 matches - all keeping an eye out for her missing kitty.

Thirty minutes later, she met her perfect match in a Tinder user named Charlie, who had just spotted Peanut.

"Charlie said he just saw my Tinder profile, looked out his window, and the cat was in his garden!" Alsop said.

The two met up where Peanut was last spotted and found him lurking around. However, the cat ran off before Alsop could catch him. But Alsop wasn't about to give up so easily.

Creating a trail of used litter from the garden to her home, she awaited the return of her cat every night for a week. After finally adding a few personal items that carried a few familiar scents - some of her laundry and a can of warm tuna - Peanut returned, although skinny and afraid.

All in all, Peanut was only gone for one week and is said to be safe and healthy back at home. As far as Charlie goes, Alsop already has a boyfriend.

Have you ever had to get creative when searching for a missing pet? Tell us in the comments!

Images courtesy of Katie Alsop via The Dodo

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How Tinder Helped One Woman Locate Her Missing Cat