Tinder For Dogs Exists, and It's Paw-sitively Adorable

Posted by Katherine Ripley

Check out this new app for dog owners!

The Bark'N'Borrow app has been on the scene for about two years now, and dogs and dog lovers alike are wagging their tails over it. Bark'N'Borrow is essentially a hybrid between Tinder and Uber, but for dog owners and dog lovers.

The app has multiple functions, and you don't have to own a dog in order to use it. If you don't own a dog, you can use the app to find dog sitting and dog walking jobs, and you can get paid for those jobs through the app. You can also use the app as a dog "borrower." A dog borrower is anyone who just wants to spend time with a dog. It's unclear why dog owners would just lend their dogs out to random people, but perhaps the purpose is to meet another dog lover and form a romantic connection?

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If you do own a dog, you can use Bark'N'Borrow to find a dog sitter or walker for your dog, and pay through the app, just like with Uber. You can also use the app find other dog owners to have doggie play dates with, and there's no shame in only swiping right for the cute owners.


So can you trust the people on the Bark'N'Borrow app? Like Uber, Bark'N'Borrow has a user vetting process, and it also has a rating system, so you can look at the reviews that dog walkers and dog sitters have gotten. Bark'N'Borrow also comes with insurance, even though it's free for everyone to use the app.

As with Uber, though, you should be aware that an app can only be so thorough when vetting its users, so be cautious.

If you're wondering whether you can use Bark'N'Borrow as a dog owner, dog sitter, dog walker, and dog borrower all at the same time, the answer is yes! The possibilities are endless. Download the app now to search for all the puppy love you can get.

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Tinder For Dogs Exists, and It's Paw-sitively Adorable