It's Time for School But Not Before a Kiss from the Newfie!

Posted by Amber King
little girl kisses newfoundland

With school starting up, dogs everywhere are forced to say goodbye to their best friends.

Little Sierra is ready for school, but there's one thing she has to do before leaving for the day.

Her best bud, Samson, is waiting by the door, and Sierra can't go to school without first saying goodbye to the big dog.

Sierra leans over and plants three quick kisses on Samson's wet nose. His tail starts wagging from the loving attention, and he lets out a few quick barks to either show his appreciation or protest her leaving. He's not happy about losing his best friend during the day, but she at least never forgets to say goodbye.

Samson isn't the only canine that will miss Sierra while she's away. The little girl is lucky enough to have two Newfoundlands waiting for her at home.

To some, Newfoundlands can look like scary beasts with their giant, furry bodies, but to Sierra, Samson and Sebastian are her two best friends.

The trio loves to play and snuggle, and when she's not in school, Sierra, Samson, and Sebastian are inseparable. Sierra's furry buddies are bigger than she is, but she knows the dogs will always love and protect her. And when the school day is over, they'll be there to welcome her home.

What do you think about Sierra's relationship with her Newfies? Let us know in the comments.

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It's Time for School But Not Before a Kiss from the Newfie!