How to Tie a Quick Release Knot to Keep Your Horse Safe

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you ever tie your horse, it's so important to use a quick release knot - your horse's safety could depend on it!

The ability to tie a quick release knot is an essential skill for any horse owner to have. Quick release knots allow you to release your horse with a single tug of the lead line in case he panics while he's tied. Tying horses without using a quick release knot can lead to catastrophic situations if the horse panics and you cannot untie him.

Are your quick release knot tying skills up to par? Can you remember how to tie a quick release knot, or have you ever learned? Written knot-tying directions can be difficult to understand, but this video does a great job of demonstrating how to tie and release a quick release knot. Take a look.

Using a knot which you can release quickly is just one way that you can help to keep your horse safe when tied. Here are some others.

When you tie your horse, only tie him to solid objects. This means don't tie your horse to a round pen fence, a cart, a wheelbarrow, or anything else that could potentially move when your horse pulls back. If you tie your horse to a lightweight object which isn't anchored in the ground, your horse could pull back, the object could move, and your horse could try to run while dragging the object behind him.

If you do need to tie your horse, tie him to a hitching post or to designated tie areas within the barn. Always use a breakaway tie - you can quickly create one by tying a loop of baling twine to the hitching post, and then tying your horse to the baling twine, rather than to the post itself. If your horse panics, the twine will break, freeing him, rather than risking injury to your horse.

Finally, make sure to spend plenty of time teaching your horse how to give to pressure and how to stand while he's tied. This can all help to prevent potential accidents.

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How to Tie a Quick Release Knot to Keep Your Horse Safe