Three-Legged Rescue Dog Is a Hero After Saving His Owner from Fire

Posted by Amber King
three legged dog
All images via Fox 13

A three-legged dog named Buddy didn't let his disability keep him from being a hero.

When smoke started creeping under the door of Dominic Baccus' condo early on Tuesday, he was fast asleep. It was two in the morning, and fire raged on the ground floor of his two-story condo complex. Baccus would have slept through the two-alarm fire if it wasn't for his three-year-old dog, Buddy.


The pup used his only front paw to push into his owner's chest and neck when the smoke started filling the room. When Baccus woke, he immediately knew something was wrong. He grabbed his phone, his wallet, and Buddy's leash before leading the dog outside to safety. The pair had to dash through flames that were blocking their escape route, but they eventually made it to the street. Baccus said in an interview with Fox 13:

"The flames were starting to engulf my doorway. My entire house was full of smoke and I saw it was starting to take my entire neighbor's house down. Buddy was scared and was trying to run away back into the house so I needed to get him on the leash."

man and dog being interviewed

Once safely away from the flames, Baccus could see just how serious the fire was. The Hillsborough County Fire Department was able to stop the flames from spreading, but not before the fire destroyed eight housing units.

Buddy was once a stray and had his leg amputated after he was hit by a car. Baccus was originally fostering the dog, but he soon decided to make the adoption official. He said;

"It's nice to know he's got a good home, well at least he did, now we're going to have to find a new one. I'm just glad he was there for me when I needed him."

All images via Fox 13

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Three-Legged Rescue Dog Is a Hero After Saving His Owner from Fire