Three-Legged Kitten Meets Amputee Child and We Bet You'll Cry

Posted by Amber King
child with missing arm meets amputee cat
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No stranger to hardship, two-year-old Scarlet has a lot in common with her newly adopted kitten.

When a stray kitten was brought to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus, rescuers said she had "catastrophic injuries." Her leg needed to be amputated, and even then, there was no guarantee she would make it.

But through her recovery, the kitten proved herself to be a small survivor. She regained strength and learned to adapt to life with only three legs, but there was still something missing: she needed a home.

Like the kitten, two-year-old Scarlet has experienced a lot of pain during her short life. She was born with a rare cancer, and a year ago, her left arm was amputated.

Faced with the reality that their daughter would always be "different," Scarlet's parents wanted her to have a special friend she could always connect with. They were looking for a pet with special needs, and a stray kitten with only three legs was the perfect fit.

When Scarlet first met her new friend, her mom says she instantly recognized their connection. The toddler pointed out the staples still in the kitten's side and related the injury to her own scar. From that moment, Scarlet's family knew the little girl that endured so much and the kitten that beat the odds would form an extraordinary friendship.

Scarlet's family plans to name the kitten "Doc" after their shared experience with doctors and Scarlet's favorite TV character, Doc McStuffins. They're also happy to announce Scarlet is now cancer-free, and Doc will always have a place to call home.

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Three-Legged Kitten Meets Amputee Child and We Bet You'll Cry