Woodpecker Hitches Ride Through Chicago, Gives New Meaning to Birds Eye View

Posted by Tori Holmes
woodpecker in a car

Do you ever dream of seeing a city from a bird's point of view? It seems that birds dream of seeing it from a human's point of view as well!

During his commute to work, this lucky driver had the opportunity to take on a rather unusual carpooler: a woodpecker.

Resting on the edge of the car's open window the woodpecker enjoys a casual drive through downtown Chicago with his new driver.

Throughout the entire trip, the driver does an amazing job staying calm and making sure that his new feathered friend was safe while he pointed out some of the city's highlights.

As the driver is nearing his office, the woodpecker decides that he's had enough of the wind in his feathers and hops right inside the car. Instead of taking the passenger seat, however, this little bird decided that the driver's arm and jacket collar would offer the best views.

While it doesn't show it in the video, the driver said that the woodpecker had been in the car with him for a while before he pulled over, stepped to the sidewalk so neither of them would get run over, and the bird flew off.

We hoped you enjoyed your tour of the windy city, birdy!

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