True Friendship Never Dies: Watch These Horses Reunite After Four Years

Posted by Krissy Howard

Their handler wasn't sure if they would remember each other after four years apart, but this reunion shows that true friends never forget. 

Back in 2008, UK resident Sue Blagburn was forced to sell her beloved horse Arthur, a tough decision, but one that she said, "was the right thing at the time." Her circumstances eventually changed, and four-and-a-half years later she was able to repurchase the Thoroughbred she had raised from a foal.

When Arthur returned to his childhood home he was reintroduced to his former playmates William and Harry. Blagburn wasn't entirely sure how the reunion would go, wondering if the trio would have any memory of the other. As you can see in the heartwarming video filmed on her estate, this band of horses formed a bond that time couldn't break, and the old friends picked up right where they left off.

The video was edited down to show just five of the almost 60 loving minutes the pals spent romping, running, hugging and communicating with one another. Horses are known to communicate with one another through the use of body language, and one study shows that they are even able to "speak" to their human handlers, in their own way, of course.

"Horses are social animals which have evolved skills to maintain their social unity: affiliative relationships, protection from outsiders, social facilitation, and even social learning," explains Rachele Malavasi, PhD , in an interview with The Horse.

"We know now that their skill set also includes the ability to communicate intentionally with humans."

The study confirmed the idea after 14 subjects used eye contact, head nodding, and tail twitching to lean their surveyor's gaze toward a "reward" bucket of treats.

Today, Arthur, William, and Harry all live with Blagburn, where they work as guides at Adventures With Horses, an organization working toward enriching the lives of people through equine therapy.

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True Friendship Never Dies: Watch These Horses Reunite After Four Years