Video Mashup of Parrots Giving Cats a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Posted by TF Oren

Usually, it's cats who are messing with us-- if they even care enough to bother.

Whether it's attacking a pair of unsuspecting legs as they walk into a room, plotting to murder us in our sleep, dominating the Internet, or planting themselves squarely on a keyboard when there's important work to be done, they always find a way to toy with us.

Wouldn't it be...karmic...if these felines were force fed a taste of their own medicine? Wouldn't it be...fitting...if someone - or something - could turn the game around?

Well, comeuppance has arrived.

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If there's one creature crafty enough to throw a cat off its game, it's a parrot. Well known for their smarts, these feathered Einsteins are cat-like in their ability to toy with and outsmart the fools who underestimate them.

Need some evidence? Here's a hilarious video mashup of parrots annoying the you-know-what out of cats:

So satisfying, right?

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What do you think of these parrot puppet masters? Let us know in the comments section!

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Video Mashup of Parrots Giving Cats a Taste of Their Own Medicine