This Very Good Dog Waits for His High School Friend Every Day to Say Hi

Posted by Tori Holmes
Ralph looking out from under his fence

A good dog doesn't let a little thing like a fence stop him from seeing his after school friend.

High school senior, Elisa, first saw Ralph while getting a ride home from school from a friend. She noticed his little face poking out from under the fence but was hesitant about approaching him, worried that he may be protective of his property.

The next day, noticing that Ralph was still there, her friends encouraged her to go up and pet him. It was then that a friendship was born.

Each day, Ralph waits for Elisa to leave school and make her daily trip past his fence to say hello. The unlikely friends spend some time together before Elisa continues on her way, much to Ralph's dismay.

If Ralph isn't waiting at the gate when Elisa walks by, he comes running when he hears her call his name.

The funny thing is, it wasn't until Elisa saw Ralph being walked by his owner one day that she actually learned his name. She recognized the Golden Retriever from the little patch of pink on his otherwise black nose and went up and introduced herself to his owner, who told her that her after-school friend's name was Ralph and that he was just over a year old.

Their friendship isn't all sunshine and rainbows though - Elisa is graduating from high school this year and won't be able to see Ralph every day once she's gone. She's hoping that she'll still be able to see him once in a while and that he'll make new friends from the school.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful friendship with us, Elisa! We hope that you and Ralph are able to maintain your relationship even once you graduate.

Distance only makes the heart grow fonder, right?

What do you think of this sweet friendship? Let us know in the comments below.

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This Very Good Dog Waits for His High School Friend Every Day to Say Hi