This Upcoming Animal Shelter in Brazil Will Be Staffed by the Homeless

Posted by Krissy Howard

A couple has unveiled their plans to build an animal shelter in Brazil that will be staffed by the homeless in the area, who raise companion animals of their own. 

Glenn Greenwald, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, has announced his plans to open an animal shelter in Brazil with husband David Miranda, a city councilmember in Rio de Janerio.

What makes this project special? The facility will be staffed by members of the local homeless community, who live on the streets with companion animals of their own.

"The outgrowth of this project came when we started getting really involved with homeless people who live on the street with their pets because it's an incredibly powerful and unique bond," Greenwald said in an interview with Democracy Now.

"We started realizing that if we could tap into this power, this incomparable love, that forms this mutual needing between homeless people and abandoned animals, we could build something really powerful and really beautiful."

The shelter has already hired a manager who will oversee the entire operation, as well as its first homeless employee, 20-year-old Lucas Mendes.

"I live here. I sleep on the street here. People who live on the street are very humiliated because of that. A lot of people are on the street because they need to, because they hadn't any support," he said.

"This will really change my life, not to live more on the street, to have and care for my dog, with a home, a bed, food that I can eat, to be able to take a shower. You can go places and be treated like a person."

Greenwald and Miranda's project is currently being built and is expected to open in Rio de Janerio, Brazil as soon as funding has been secured.

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This Upcoming Animal Shelter in Brazil Will Be Staffed by the Homeless