This Tiny Island Has a Doggie Tour Guide on Their Street View Map

Posted by Tori Holmes
Dog tour guide on island
h/t: The Verge; All photos by Duam

What if your town had a furry local tour guide seen on Street View?

Covering an area of only 28 square miles, the tiny island of Ulleung-gun is off the eastern coast of South Korea.

While capturing images of the island for its visual map, Daum, Korea's main search engine, was given its very own tour guide to show them around the island, specifically the off-road areas.

But it wasn't your average tour guide - this one had four legs and a beautiful golden coat. All the photos taken of the island featured a Golden Retriever.

From the boardwalk along the pristine blue coast...

Dog appears on street view map

to the wooded trails...

Dog tour guide on island

the green fields...

Dog tour guide on island

...and even the picnic areas, this dog takes his guiding responsibilities seriously.

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In fact, this pupper can be seen in nearly every photo along this island's trail!

Dog tour guide on island

If you ask me, there's no I would rather have show me around a destination.

Here's to hoping more places start to include local dogs as guides in their visual map images.

You can explore the island's streets here.

Tell us what you think of the island's mascot pup in the comments below!

h/t: The Verge; All photos by Duam 

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