This Tiny Kitten's Newborn Photoshoot Will Melt Your Heart

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WATCH NOW: Kitten Gets Her Own Newborn Photoshoot

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Michigan-based photographer Kitty Schaub had no idea she'd cause such a stir when she decided to photograph her daughter's new kitten.

Schaub is the owner of Kitty Lee Photography. Her subjects are normally children and families. However, she thought it would be fun to change things up a bit and feature Luna, her daughter Amelie's nine-week-old kitten, in her very own newborn photoshoot.

kitten photoshoot

"I photograph a lot of newborns, and had my props out...We thought it would be a quick, funny, cute little shoot, [we had no clue it would be this crazy!" Schaub said.

Luna's shoot featured the kitten in the same sorts of pastel outfits and serene poses you see newborns in during their photoshoots, complete with flowered headbands, stuffed animals, and all.

kitten photoshootAccording to Schaub, Luna was a model subject.

"Luna was sleeping when I picked her up, she didn't notice or mind me covering her in a wrap...We had to wake her up to get her open eye pictures, and then she fell right back asleep."

kitten photoshoot

As if a tiny kitten dolled up in newborn duds weren't cute enough, Schaub upped the ante by putting five-year-old Amelie in a few of the shots.

Amelie often models for Schaub and is already a pro at pet photoshoots, having posed with the family's dog and bunny.

kitten photoshoot

Schaub posted the photos of Luna on Facebook. Over the past couple weeks, she has been bombarded with comments and messages from people all over the world about how much they love the photos.

kitten photoshootThe response has been so overwhelming, Schaub decided to channel the positive feedback into a good cause. She made a calendar of Luna's newborn photos and began selling the calendar. The proceeds from the sales are going to Save-a-Stray, a small animal rescue in St. Joseph, Michigan that fosters and trains stray animals to prepare them for forever homes.

As of May 4, the calendars had already raised over $2,000 for charity. If you'd like to purchase one of these calendars, you can do so here.

This was Schaub's fist newborn photoshoot for a pet, but she thinks there will be more of them in her future.

What do you think of little Luna's photoshoot? Let us know in the comments section below!

All photos courtesy of Kitty Schaub via Kitty Lee Photography.

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This Tiny Kitten's Newborn Photoshoot Will Melt Your Heart