This Team Takes Vaulting Competitions to a Whole New Level

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Vaulting competitions are full of incredible stunts, but this team's routine is unlike anything that you've ever seen. 

Vaulting takes strength, incredible balance, and trust in both the horse and in the members of your team. It's a tough sport which takes years to learn, and even longer to learn to do it well. Vaulting competitions give teams the chance to put their talent to the test, and each routine is unique to the team to show off their strengths.

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Well, this vaulting team is unlike anything that you've seen before. They take the sport to a whole new level, doing tricks and stunts that would seem utterly impossible, if we hadn't just seen them performed.

They're show stoppers and know just how to garner crowd support, while also delivering seriously technically-difficult movements. They're pretty much acrobats on the back of a horse, and they perform their whole routine with such ease that you almost forget that they're on horseback.

Take a look at this absolutely amazing team.

Team Neuss Nationenpreis

Ein überaus erfolgreiches CVIO beim CHIO Aachen ging gestern für die Deutschen Voltigierer zu Ende!Im abschließenden Nationenpreis kam Team Deutschland I auf Platz 2 mit Sarah Kay (8,690), Erik Oese (8,677) und dem Team NORKA VV Köln-Dünnwald (8,845). Der Sieg ging an Team Deutschland II mit Janika Derks (8,790), Kristina Boe (8,783) und dem Team Neuss, das eine geniale Kür zeigte, die mit einer klasse Wertnote von 9,035 belohnt wurde!

Posted by ClipMyHorse.TV Deutschland on Monday, July 17, 2017

After watching that, I have a whole new respect for these incredible athletes. I find mounting a horse from the ground difficult enough; I still can't get past how easily the riders swing up onto the moving horse. Or the fact that they can stand on his back with such ease. Or that they can balance on other team members while the horse is lunged. Or that, at one point, a vaulter throws a smaller teammate off of the horse in one heck of a wild dismount.

Think vaulting is boring? Think again. This team's performance is stunning and exemplifies what you can accomplish with a little hard work and determination.

Would you ever want to give vaulting a try? Tell us in the comments below. 

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This Team Takes Vaulting Competitions to a Whole New Level