This Sweet Frenchie Absolutely Loves Kissing Her Goldfish Friend

Posted by Krissy Howard

Anyone with a French Bulldog can tell you how affectionate they can be, but one very special Frenchie has found a BFF in a fish, and she can't stop kissing him! 

For eight-year-old French Bulldog Daisy, life is anything but boring. She has two live-in playmates, both bulldogs, named Tomato and Walter.

While their bond is certainly strong, and seriously snuggly, Daisy's heart belongs to one man and one man only- a chagoi koi carp named Frank.

"Daisy just started begging to go to the pond, and every single time Frank comes straight to her," Daisy's owner, Carrie Bredy, told Seattle news outlet, KOMO News.

"She ignores the other fish, she goes straight to him. If he's all the way at the other end, he comes flying from across the water."

That's right - Frank loves Daisy too! And that's apparent by the kisses they share with one another on the water's edge.

Bredy had initially introduced Frank to her outdoor koi pond in the hopes of helping her other fish socialize, as his breed is known for being friendly.

Unfortunately for the other shy fish in the pond, and very fortunately for the Internet at large, Frank seemed taken with Daisy as well and hasn't quite formed a bond like theirs with anyone else.

Daisy & Frank making out again. #interspecieslove #doglovesfish #fishlovesdog #daisyandfrank

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The Bulldog in Daisy just won't allow her to swim, so we won't be seeing these two enjoying a friendly frolic in the water anytime soon, but Daisy's daily visits seem to be a real treat for the pair.

If you want to keep tabs on Daisy, Frank, and the rest of the Bredy clan, you can follow their daily adventures on their Instagram page.

How much do you love this friendship? Let us know in the comments below!

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This Sweet Frenchie Absolutely Loves Kissing Her Goldfish Friend