Sparkling Tack Bling: Get Ready to Shine with Dazzle Rock Tack

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images: Dazzle Rock Tack via Facebook

If you want to truly set your horse and yourself apart in the show ring, there's no better way to do it than with a great ride and some sparkling tack. 

In many show rings, the more blinged-up and fancy your tack is, the better. Whether you're barrel racing or heading into a reining freestyle, sparkling tack enhances your horse's movements and makes both of you stand out. Plus, it's fun to get your horse looking fancy in sparkling tack when you're going for a ride.

This sparkling tack from Dazzle Rock Tack takes "fancy" to a whole new level. From bridles to saddles and more, there are countless designs, colors, and a whole lot of sparkle. Feast your eyes on this incredible Western tack.

Stunning Breastcollars

stunning breastcollars

Beautiful Matched Set

beautiful leather set

Holy Fancy Saddle!

holy fancy saddleREAD MORE10 of the Fanciest Saddles That Are Sure to Turn Heads

Intricate Jewel Work


Fringe and Feathers

fringe and feathers

Breast Collar and Belt

Breast collar and belt

Super Sparkly Saddle

sparkly saddle

A Beautiful Set

beautiful set

Awesome Hat Detail

hat detail

So Fancy


So, are you in love with this amazing tack? If you want to get yourself a super fancy tack set, it's a good idea to have an additional "schooling" set of tack for everyday use. Your schooling tack can help to preserve your fancy tack set, especially if you ride in poor weather. Fancy, customized tack sets can get expensive, so be sure that you always store them properly and take great care of them.

All of the tack items in this post are produced by Dazzle Rock Tack. This business specializes in crystal tack, and provides customized designs so that your tack is one-of-a-kind. Want to learn more about this incredible tack? Be sure to visit Dazzle Rock Tack's website and Facebook page.

Do you have fancy tack for your horse? Tell us in the comments below!

All images: Dazzle Rock Tack via Facebook

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Sparkling Tack Bling: Get Ready to Shine with Dazzle Rock Tack