Monday Means This Sleepy Kitten Is Too Comfortable to Get out of Bed

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This sleepy kitten can't seem to get himself motivated, and there's just no way he's getting out of bed anytime soon. 

Are you ready for the cutest thing ever? Enter the sleepy kitten. Now, this is no ordinary sleepy kitten - this kitten has a certain cuteness factor that's beyond most kittens. And he is very, very tired. He's so tired, in fact, that he can hardly move - except for wicked cute stretches.

There's no describing this adorable video. You simply have to see it for yourself.

Makes you want to go right out and get a kitten, doesn't it? We can't exactly blame this kitten for not wanting to get out of bed - it looks like he has an exceptionally sleeping situation. Blankets, a little mattress, and even a cat bed? What's not to love?

Now if you start to feel guilty and want to go buy your cat a super comfy bed of his own, stop yourself before you spend a lot of money. You see, there's this lovely law that says the more money you spend on a cat bed, the less your cat will like it. So go ahead and get him a cat bed, but don't count on him using it. Do count on him using the box that the cat bed came in.

Sometimes cats like a nest of cozy blankets more than they appreciate a cat bed. Or maybe your favorite sweater. If you're trying to show your cat that a certain bed or spot in the house is his, try sprinkling some cat nip in the area to get him interested. It's also useful to lay down a blanket that your cat already uses so that the space smells familiar.

Just don't make your cat's sleeping area too cozy, or else he'll be like this kitten and never want to get out of bed.

Are you having a tough Monday? Let us know in the comments below!

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Monday Means This Sleepy Kitten Is Too Comfortable to Get out of Bed