This Site Lets You Travel for Free in Exchange for Pet Sitting Services

Posted by Amber King
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People travel to find new experiences and meet new people, but they never want to choose between a vacation and a pet.

Pet owners are often plagued with guilt and indecision when it comes to finding temporary care for their furry family members. At the same time, travelers worry about funding their expenditures when hotels and other housing arrangements are out of budget. A site called Trusted Housesitters solves both problems.

This innovative idea brings travelers and animal-lovers together for a travel arrangement that benefits people and pets on all sides of the globe. The concept is simple--pet owners enlist help from fellow animal lovers to watch their dogs, cats, snakes, etc while they're away. In return, their pet sitter gets to stay in their house for free and enjoy everything their town has to offer.

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By signing up with the site, pet owners are connected to fully vetted sitters who are itching to get on a plane and play with their pets. Everyone gets the vacation they want, and the pets get to stay safe and comfy in their own homes.

For pet sitters, the opportunities are endless. The site already has thousands of members in over 140 countries. There are mansions, city condos, beach-side villas, expansive country farmhouses, and every other kind of home you can think of. From dogs and cats to horses, bunnies, and parrots, there's no limit to the type of pet they might meet. It's the pet-friendly solution to a traveler's biggest worry, and many people have even quit their jobs to travel the world via this network of pet owners.

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To get started, all you have to do is sign up. The fee is $119 a year for both pet owners and sitters. Membership gives you access to thousands of opportunities, and you can match where you go by destination or by type of pet. Sitters can be booked for long-term stays and short vacations.

Pet owners have the opportunity to choose sitters they feel would best mesh with their furry family members. Trusted Housesitters employs a three-step verification process that includes a background check, I.D. document cross-check, and a global identity check. Each sitter has a profile where people they've worked for in the past leave reviews. Pet owners simply scroll through a list of available sitters and pick the one they like best.

From L.A. to Perth, there's no limit to where Trusted Housesitters may take you. It's the ideal opportunity for animal lovers across the globe, and it's a wonder no one thought of it sooner.

What do you think about Trusted Housesitters? Let us know in the comments. 

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This Site Lets You Travel for Free in Exchange for Pet Sitting Services