This Sheepdog Takes Care of a Pygmy Goat and All is Right in the World

Posted by Allie Layos

When you see this sheepdog take care of a baby goat, your worries will be over. 

People usually think of sheep dogs herding or guarding, you know, SHEEP. But this fuzzy sheepdog has taken a liking to a baby goat instead.

In fact, the dog seems to be acting like a surrogate mother to the tiny black and white creature, even cleaning the baby goat with gentle licks. Well, except for the time he knocks over his tiny charge, but that's no biggie for a goat. In fact, the little creature remains unfazed and keeps coming back for more.

Does he really think the baby goat is a puppy? It's possible. Or maybe he just can't see straight through all that hair.

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