This Senior Dog Has Spent Five Years in a Shelter and Needs a Forever Home

Posted by TF Oren
Photos courtesy of the Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County via The Dodo

Diamond needs a forever home.

She has been living at the Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County in West Virginia for a whopping five years, ever since her owner passed away.

Now a senior dog, eight-year-old Diamond's chance of finding a forever home is growing less likely by the day.


But Diamond refuses to let her predicament affect her bubbly attitude. Unlike many dogs who spend extended amounts of time in the shelter environment, Diamond has not shut down. In fact, she remains as loving and effervescent as ever. She loves to flash her million-dollar smile every chance she gets.

Since Diamond has spent so many years at the shelter, she has become a favorite among staff. They treat her like one of the family.

"She's like their dog," says shelter board member Dannie Wall.


A number of potential adopters have expressed interest in Diamond over the years, but Diamond is not dog or cat friendly.

According to Wall, "We've had several phone calls, but they all have another dog in the house or another cat in the house. And that's not going to work out."

In order to increase her chances of finding a home, Diamond goes to weekly training sessions. Slowly, she is getting used to being with other dogs. Even so, she still needs to be the only animal in the home.


If you're interested in learning more about Diamond, you can contact the Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County by calling 304-725-0589, or emailing [email protected]

All photos courtesy of Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County via The Dodo.

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