Seattle Apartment Complex Alluring New Residents with Chicken Coop on the Roof

Posted by Paige Cerulli
chicken coop on rooftop in city
Bowman Apartments

A Seattle apartment complex is taking a unique approach to rooftop farming, and the tenants are reaping the benefits. 

There's nothing better than fresh chicken eggs, but for apartment dwellers, keeping chickens isn't an option. That is, unless you're lucky enough to reside in this Seattle apartment complex. Bowman Apartments, located in Wallingford, is taking an innovative approach to attracting tenants by installing rooftop chicken coops.

ChickenBackyard farms and chicken coops are a staple in the Wallingford community, but they're an aspect that people miss out on when they don't own property or live in apartments. Chickens provide eggs on a daily basis, and they're also fun to watch. In a time when daily life becomes more and more focused on technology and work, a backyard chicken farm can be a refreshing step back into a simpler way of life.

The Bowman Apartments rooftop chicken coop is the result of extensive planning. The custom coop houses five laying hens. Apartment staff are being trained in how to care for the chickens, and the chickens are settling into their new home on the rooftop.

Chicken coop on roof

Apartment residents must sign a waiver, and then they can eat the eggs that the hens produce. You can even watch the chickens via the building's Coop Cam. It's the perfect way to kick back and relax when you have some time to spare.

Chickens in coop

With today's emphasis on healthy and organic eating, we may begin to see rooftop chicken coops spring up in major cities where farming isn't otherwise feasible. In a competitive housing market, an apartment complex which offers these innovative farming options may be able to draw more tenants, giving it a step up in the housing competition. Who knew that chickens could be a marketing force?

Would you live in an apartment with a chicken coop? Tell us in the comments below!

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Seattle Apartment Complex Alluring New Residents with Chicken Coop on the Roof